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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Good morning. Baseball's long winter concludes today as there are a handful of spring games on the slate.

As you may have heard, and as T.R. Sullivan writes, the Rangers officially signed their new shortstop Ian Desmond to play left field.

Evan Grant gives the inside scoop on how the Desmond deal got done thanks in part to Dumpmaster D and The Face of the Franchise.

Tim Brown has more from a national perspective on how Desmond ended up with the Texas Rangers.

Jeff Sullivan sees the potential for upside for Desmond with the Rangers, whereas Keith Law isn't a fan.

WFAA's Chris Roland writes about how managing expectations for prospects has become a trial for baseball fans and how the Desmond signing gives Rangers fans a chance to recalibrate our expectations for Joey Gallo and Jurickson Profar in particular.

Speaking of Profar, and possibly your expectations for him, he hit a home run off of Cole Hamels in his first at bat of the spring and then made some great plays at shortstop yesterday. So, uh, yeah. Managing expectations will always be a sports problem.

Grant has more on Profar's exciting first day where Hamels was quick to note that he is a team player.

The DMN "Ballzy" podcast features Grant, Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington chatting about the Desmond signing and talking with Colby Lewis on being an old man cyborg who almost throws perfect games.

Yu Darvish pitched from a full mound yesterday for the first time and experienced no pain afterward which is impressive considering he was apparently quite busy beforehand:

Stefan Stevenson claims karmic justice for Grant's errant tweet among the Surprise Five for yesterday's action.

Jared Sandler chatted with Sweet Lew Brinson over the weekend about Gallo's video game prowess and getting to work out with Miguel Cabrera. Florida native Brinson is also a Miami Heat diehard but respects Dirk so it's all good.

Lastly, someone teach this to Derek Holland, please:

Have a nice day.