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Oakland A's at Texas Rangers Spring Training Game Day Thread

The Rangers get their second look at the Oakland A's this spring

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Joey Gallo eliminated a baseball from this plane of existence yesterday and that was the big news. Today the Rangers send Phil Klein to the mound to face the A's as Colby Lewis is pitching in today's B-game.

Not to ruin the illusion, but writing this at 3:12 am because I won't be around when this game is about to start. Here is my guess at the lineup anyway:

  1. DeShields, CF
  2. Choo, RF
  3. Beltre, DH
  4. Moreland, 1B
  5. Desmond, LF
  6. Gallo, 3B
  7. Gimenez, C
  8. Andrus, SS
  9. Ciriaco, 2B
If I'm wrong, it's more Jeff Banister's fault than mine.

TXA21 will telecast the game, you can catch it on, or on the radio on 105.3.

Go Rangers!