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2013 Hickory Crawdads would be a top 10 farm system, per Jim Callis

Jim Callis says the 2013 Hickory Crawdads, in and of themselves, would currently be a top-10 farm system

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Hickory Crawdads had a crazy collection of talent, and was talked about even then about being a remarkable group of high-ceiling talent.  Jim Callis got a question from our own goET for MLB Pipeline about how that group would rank, if it were its own farm system right now, and said it would be #7 in baseball currently.

Five of the current top 100 prospects on the MLB Pipeline list were on that team -- Joey Gallo, Nomar Mazara, Lewis Brinson, Nick Williams, and Jorge  Alfaro.  Callis notes six other players on that team are part of their current team's top 30 prospect list -- Carl (formerly C.J.) Edwards, Jose Leclerc, Connor Sadzeck, Ronald Guzman, Andrew Faulkner, and Sam Wolff.  Callis also includes Ryan Rua and Keone Kela for ranking purposes, even though they aren't prospect-eligible any more.

Also appearing for that Hickory team were Alex Claudio, who has already reached the majors; Jordan Akins, who some thought had the highest ceiling of anyone on that team, and who is now playing college football; Cody Ege, who has a good shot at making the majors at some point, and who was part of the package that landed the Rangers Sam Dyson; Jose Valdespina, who has been identified by some as a dark-horse relief prospect, after a solid 2015 season; Frank Lopez, who will likely start the 2016 season in the Frisco rotation; Chris Garia, who is perhaps the fastest player in the Rangers' organization; and Luis Marte, whose prospect star has dimmed but who was considered someone with potential at the time.

Six players from that team have already made the majors, and it wouldn't be surprising if another ten players from that team made the majors at some point.  It leads me to wonder whether another team that low in the minors has ever had so many guys make it to the bigs.