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Friday Morning Links!

All up in your grill!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Ellwood asks what the 2016 Rangers team is missing and answers "Jason Botts."

Evan Grant has some takeaways from yesterday's game against the Brewers, noting that Ian Desmond in centerfield may be an adventure.

In the wake of the Adam LaRoche brouhaha, we learn that the Rangers have rules in place for kids in the clubhouse.

Yu Darvish's TJ surgery was one year ago and he's already being self-critical about his curveball command.

Ian Desmond on his missteps in the outfield: he's just too quick.

Just some relievers getting down in the car.

T.R. Sullivan tells us that Richard Durrett is missed in Surprise.

Joey Gallo is patiently circling Adrian Beltre like a buzzard.

But Adrian Beltre says he's still strong like bull.

Yu Darvish will always use St. Patrick's Day to fondly remember his old UCL.

Jared Sandler has notes from Surprise.