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Poll: Would you pay 3/$57M to keep Adrian Beltre?

Adrian Beltre is reportedly wanting a three year extension, for no less than the $19M per year Pablo Sandoval is getting. Would you do that to keep him in Texas?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers want to keep Adrian Beltre.  Adrian Beltre wants to stay in Texas.  Adrian Beltre's contract is up after 2016, and the two sides have been engaging in negotiations on a contract extension, but there's no deal yet.

Reportedly, Beltre doesn't want to take less than the $19 million per year that third baseman Pablo Sandoval got on his deal with the Red Sox in the 2014-15 season, and is looking for three years, while the Rangers are not comfortable going to that level.  My guess is that a deal gets worked out before Opening Day, but if not, we have the possibility of Beltre becoming a free agent after 2016.

So the question I would pose to you, the LSB readers, is this...would you extend Beltre at 3 years, $57 million now, if the alternative was that you knew he would leave after 2016?  Yes, in the real world, you could still re-sign him after the season, but this is a thought experiment...I don't want people in the comments saying, "I said no because maybe you could make him the qualifying offer, and he might accept, or he'd take less, or I don't think he'd get that much."

It is either, give him 3/$57M now, or he signs with another team after 2016.

What would you do?

Cast your vote below...