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First Texas Rangers Spring Training lineup of 2016

The Texas Rangers will send AL Manager of the Year Jeff Banister out with this lineup card for the first game of the spring

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers will take on the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals at 2:05 pm CT for their first real(ish) baseball game since last October. Surprise Stadium is full of baseball fever and fervor, no doubt. And why wouldn't it be? Here's the first lineup for the Texas Rangers in 2016:

  1. DeShields, CF
  2. Choo, RF
  3. Fielder, 1B
  4. Ruggiano, LF
  5. Moreland, 1B
  6. Odor, 2B
  7. Andrus, SS
  8. Chirinos, C
  9. Robinson, 3B
Where's Adrian Beltre? He's a future Hall of Famer and an old man so he doesn't just play willy nilly when the games don't count.

Where's Ian Desmond? He's learning how to fire his hips in the outfield so he doesn't have to embarrass himself in front of Eric Nadel on the radio today.

Why is Justin Ruggiano hitting cleanup? Because it's Spring Training. Lay off. Maybe Jeff Banister wanted to make Ruggie feel better about the Rangers signing a shortstop to take his job. I don't know. We have like 200 days to complain about lineups.

Who is Robinson? That's Drew Robinson, LSB favorite and future Oakland A's thorn-in-our-side as all he does is get on base, hit dingers, and, yeah ok, strikeout.

Baseball will happen today and that's pretty good.