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Texas Rangers defeat Kansas City Royals in spring opener

The Texas Rangers are undefeated!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Nomar Mazara starred for the Texas Rangers in the Cactus League opener as Texas beat the Kansas Royals 6-2 to begin their spring slate.

Colby Lewis made the start and went two scoreless innings which was a stark improvement over last year when he allowed six runs in his spring debut. The Rangers scored six runs with four of them driven in by Mazara as he's now 6-6 (if you count Monday's intrasquad game) this spring. Mazara also hit the Rangers' first official Cactus League dinger of the spring season.

Here's slow motion video of Mazara taking a beautiful swing and sending the baseball probably to notorious Bell Road.

Check out the box score for the Rangers first win in 2016 courtesy of Anthony Andro:

Texas plays KC again tomorrow as the Battle for Surprise continues at the Campus of Champions.