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Dillon Tate and Matt Bush pitching tomorrow

Matt Bush will be pitching in an A game for the Rangers tomorrow, while Dillon Tate will be pitching in the Futures Game

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers will have a couple of their most intriguing arms on display in games tomorrow.

Dillon Tate, the Rangers' first round draft choice (#4 overall) in the 2015 draft, will be pitching in the Futures Game against the Cubs tomorrow night.  Tate is considered a high-upside guy who could come as a hurry if the team wanted to use him as a reliever, but who will be developed for now as a starting pitcher, as he has #2/#3 starter potential if he can develop his changeup and maintain his stamina.

Meanwhile, Matt Bush will be pitching in an A game for the Rangers tomorrow.  Bush is intriguing in an entirely different way from Tate...he was the #1 overall pick in the 2004 draft, selected as a high school shortstop by the San Diego Padres.  He never panned out and had a whole host of off-the-field issues that culminated in his being sentenced to 51 months in jail as a result of his hitting and seriously injuring a 72 year old motorcyclist in what was Bush's third DUI.

Bush was released from prison at the end of October of 2015, and began working out for teams as a pitcher.  The Rangers signed him to a minor league deal, but without a minor league invite, and I think there wasn't much of a reaction, other than a roll of the eyes about another guy with a bad history getting a fifth or sixth or seventh chance.  But Bush has generated buzz in camp, impressing folks with mid-90s velocity and a sharp most position players who convert to the mound, he is working as a reliever, and he sounds like he could end up being a factor in a major league pen sooner than anyone would have expected.