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Texas Rangers 2016 playoff odds

Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs each have their 2016 playoff odds out, and they aren't bullish on Texas

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers 2016 playoff odds:  The American League West title was claimed by the Texas Rangers in 2015, but in looking at the playoff odds and projections for 2016, it doesn't appear that folks are anticipating a repeat.

Baseball Prospectus released their playoff odds today, and they give the Rangers just a 15.0% chance of winning the division, and a 24.7% chance of making the playoffs.  The Astros are the heavy favorites in the division, being given a 44.7% chance of winning the West, with the Mariners coming in at 27.6%.  Houston and Seattle are given a 58.5% and 42.0% chance of making the playoffs, respectively.  Both Oakland and Anaheim are projected to finish similarly, with each being at around 11% at making the playoffs and a little over 6% to win the West.

Meanwhile, Fangraphs is even less optimistic about the Rangers in their playoff odds -- they put the Rangers' chances of winning the division at 10.2%, fourth in the West, and barely ahead of the A's (9.0%).  Fangraphs gives the Astros a 50.7% chance of winning the division, followed by the Mariners at 18.8%, and the Angels at 11.3%.

Vegas seems more optimistic about the Rangers -- Oddshark's most updated lines have the Rangers at +210 to win the division, or around 30%, while the Astros are at +160.  The Angels and M's are a ways back, at +375 and +400, while the A's are all the way down at +1200.

I think the Rangers have better than the 10-15% chance of winning the division that BP and FanGraphs have the team at...but then, I'm a Rangers fan, and thus could reasonably be accused of being overly optimistic.