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Wednesday Morning Links

Yay, links!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Rumor has it that the Rangers are trying to lock up Odor long term.

Evan Grant cogitates on the Opening Day roster, shrugs, and says "who knows?"

Cole Hamels was on the DMN podcast, and we learn the depth of his relationship with Yu Darvish: they see each other in the weight room and they acknowledge each other.

The DMN looks at the top stories of the spring.

Evan Grant has some takeaways from yesterday's game and notes that Colby Lewis is just not an Arizona pitcher.

In "Redemption Story 2: More Redemption," Matt Bush is looking to follow in Josh Hamilton's footsteps by not being allowed to drive anywhere or be alone at any time while ascending to brief baseball transcendence before being overexposed and then inducing some poor GM to rage-trade him.

Dillon "Bubblegum" Tate will be starting the Rangers / Cubs prospect game to be televised Wednesday.

BP doesn't like the 2016 Rangers, but the 2016 Rangers don't like them, either.

Yu Darvish has increased his pitch count in his throwing sessions, apparently while acknowledging Cole Hamels.

Colby Lewis on yesterday's beatdown: "#Whatevs."

Shin Soo-Choo on batting leadoff: "#TotesMcGoats."

Matt Bush on coming back from his DUI: step one is admitting you have a problem, step thirteen is getting a called third strike in a critical playoff situation.

Um, did Levi Weaver just make a Sheryl Crow joke?

Jared Sandler ruminates on the Rangers' bench situation.

Yu Darvish's is some sort of weird machine.