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Thursday Morning Links

Links! Links! Links!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Matt Bush redemption story, for whatever reason, seems a little more cynical than the ones from yesterday.

Evan Grant has some takeaways from last night's prospect game.

Evan also says Matt Bush stole the show yesterday.  Yeah, Derek Holland, keep doing your Harry Carey impressions while Matt Bush redeems his way to Forgivenesstown.

Cole Hamels is your Opening Day starter, joining an illustrious list of former Opening Day starters including Chan Ho Park, Kevin Millwood, and Ryan Drese.

The Cowboys had Hard Knocks, the Rangers will apparently have a reality radio show that features Derek Holland doing impressions and Colby Lewis going to spin class.

Delino Deshields would like to talk to you about being very fast.

The Rangers are ranked number 11 by Forbes in their Franchise Value Power Rankings.

If you're the type to read things into spring training games, yesterday was a good one.

Jamie Benn is our weirdo sport ambassador of baseball.

Jeez, Ryan Drese was an opening day starter?  Man, we went through some rough times.

ian Desmond is a natural athlete who can jump out of the gym.

T.R. Sullivan has a recap of yesterday's spring training game, crowning Derek Holland and Ian Desmond the stars of the game.

Matt Bush hit 97 mph in yesterday's game.

Jared Sandler is just new boot goofin' with Andrew Faulkner.

Matt Bush was the number one prospect in the Florida Penal League.