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Texas Rangers release Drew Stubbs

Outfielder Drew Stubbs has exercised his option to be released from his contract with the Texas Rangers

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers outfielder Drew Stubbs has exercised the out clause in his minor league contract with the Rangers, enabling him to become a free agent, according to John Blake on Twitter.

This is a surprise...all indications seemed to be that Stubbs was going to make the Rangers' Opening Day roster as a backup outfielder.  The fact that he exercised his out indicates that the Rangers were not going to add him to their 25 man roster.  This would lead one to believe that either 1) the Rangers will keep a 3 man bench, or 2) both Ryan Rua and Justin Ruggiano will make the Opening Day roster.

If Ruggiano and Rua both make the Opening Day roster, that would suggest that the Rangers are confident enough in Ian Desmond's defense to be willing to rely upon him as the primary backup center fielder (or the starting center fielder, eventually, as some have speculated).