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Thursday Morning Links

Links! All up in your cheese whiz!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law thinks the Ian Desmond signing was stupid, and wants you, personally, sitting at your computer or reading this on your phone to realize that the 19th pick in the 2015 draft was the second best player available in the draft.  Jeez, Ranger front office you bunch of stupids.

Elvis Andrus is the driving force behind a bunch of speakers blasting Nicki Minaj during team workouts, and hopes to incorporate glow sticks and foam parties into the Spring Training scene in 2017.

Apparently, Banister heard a story about a whole passel of Rudy-esque football walk-ons and has decided to incorporate their motto to motivate the team...  which is the entire purpose of apocryphal Rudy-esque football walk-ons in the first place.

Jon Daniels to Keith Law: Ian Desmond is awesome at everything.

Evan Grant says to tap the brakes on Nomar Mazara / Donald Trump in '16.

Ray Davis to Keith Law: Jon Daniels says Ian Desmond is awesome at everything.

Luke Jackson caught back gremlins, probably from Matt Harrison.

Aside from getting denied access to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show the Hamels' family also likes to help poor people in Africa.

Just like Turkish airspace, the sanctity of the Ranger budget occasionally gets violated.

Good job, Nomar Mazara!  But you still won't make the team!

It's not a morning links post without an injury update!

Rougned Odor is here to fill the obnoxious void left by world class baseball irritants Ian Kinsler and A.J. Pierzynski.

Jeff Wilson has some thoughts from Surprise.