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Josh Hamilton timetable "adjusted" for return to active roster

Josh Hamilton is likely to return in mid-May from the disabled list, rather than the May 1 date that was the original target

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Hamilton will be opening the season on the disabled list, and while the original target return date was May 1, the beats are saying it will be a little longer before he returns.  Evan Grant says the timeframe has been "adjusted" to anytime in the first two weeks of the season May.  Stefan Stevenson says the new date is the second week of May.  T.R. Sullivan says a mid-May return is "more realistic" than the original target date.

Everyone seems to agree that there have been no setbacks, and that leads me to wonder if the Rangers just feel more comfortable with the players they have in place, to the point that they'd rather err on the side of caution and giving Hamilton more time to work his way back.  Of course, this mid-May date assumes that Hamilton continues to make progress in his return, and that he doesn't have any setbacks or other injuries.