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Texas Rangers to move AAA franchise to San Antonio?

A report from San Antonio indicates that there are efforts ongoing to have the Rangers take over a AAA franchise and move it to S.A.

A plane coming in for landing near the San Antonio ballpark
A plane coming in for landing near the San Antonio ballpark

The Texas Rangers could have their AAA team in San Antonio rather than Round Rock in the near future, according to a report out of San Antonio last night.

The Rangers current AAA affiliate is Round Rock, and the team has a deal with the Express for the next few years; however, Round Rock is owned by Nolan Ryan, who left the Rangers under less-than-ideal terms, and then joined the Houston Astros in the sort of figurehead role that he refused to accept with Texas.  Round Rock is expected to become an Astros affiliate once their deal with the Rangers runs out.

San Antonio is currently a AA affiliate of the Padres in the Texas League.  This plan would have the AA affiliate move to another city -- Amarillo is mentioned as a possibility -- and a AAA team moved to San Antonio.  The group that owns the San Antonio Missions is apparently working with the Rangers in this regard.

The Rangers reportedly had an opportunity to buy the Oklahoma City AAA affiliate, which had been a long-time Ranger affiliate before they moved to Round Rock; however, the Dodgers ended up making that deal instead.