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Nomar Mazara, Ryan Cordell make BA's top 40 corner outfielder list

Baseball America's top 40 corner outfielder list includes Nomar Mazara and Ryan Cordell

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Nomar Mazara and Ryan Cordell each made Baseball America's list of the top 40 corner outfielder prospects in the minors, with Mazara being the top man on the list, and Cordell checking in at #34.

Mazara, of course, has been one of the big stories of Ranger camp so far, going 8 for 9 between an intrasquad game and a pair of spring games against the Royals.

Cordell is an interesting case, an athletic player who appears to be something as a tweener, as he can't quite handle center field defensively, but also doesn't really hit enough to be a corner outfielder.  The Rangers tried him in the infield last year, an experiment that didn't quite take, but if Cordell is going to make it as a big leaguer, being able to at least fake it in center and an infield position or two will be helpful.

Nick Williams, meanwhile, checks in at #3 on the list...Williams, you may recall, was the Rangers prospect shipped to Philly in the Cole Hamels trade.