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Poll: Ian Desmond or Austin Jackson?

The Rangers signed Ian Desmond for $8 million. The ChiSox signed Austin Jackson for $5 million. Did the Rangers pick the wrong guy?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent outfielder Austin Jackson was a player talked about as a possible Texas Rangers target for much of the offseason -- really, all the way up to the point that the Rangers signed shortstop Ian Desmond, with the plan of converting him to the outfield.

Desmond cost the Rangers $8 million on a one year deal to be the Rangers' regular left fielder, and the Rangers gave up their first round pick in the process.  Jackson signed with the Chicago White Sox yesterday for $5 million on a one year deal, reportedly because the ChiSox would make him their center fielder.

Jackson is the superior defensive player, is cheaper, and didn't cost a first round pick, but Desmond provides the Rangers with more versatility, was more flexible in where he was willing to play, and provides more power potential.

Which of the pair would you have preferred the Rangers to sign, with their existing deals?  Cast your vote below...