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Wednesday Morning Links

Part of a nutritious breakfast

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Cowlishaw takes a look at Jurickson Profar and observes optimistically that entering the league at a babyish age didn't work out so well for Elvis Andrus.

Ryan Rua is not in trouble for refusing an Arizona Fall League assignment because Jeff Banister does not "build a dungeon for anybody."  It's more of a oubliette.

Nothing much has changed in Evan Grant's projected roster.

Gerry Fraley does a post mortem on yesterday's game.

Shin Soo Choo believes in himself, which is great I guess.

Jeremy Guthrie says there's plenty of time for him to get ready for the regular season.

Let's get excited about plus plus speed!

Prince Fielder brought a speed bag and a heavy bag to camp with him.

If James Jones lights the world on fire this season it will be because he stopped thinking about things.

And, finally, flying Nepal Airlines seems like a a risky proposition.