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Prince Fielder sent back to D/FW for sleep study

T.R. Sullivan reports that Texas Rangers DH Prince Fielder has been sent back home to do a sleep study

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Prince Fielder, the Texas Rangers' DH, has been sent back home to do a sleep study due to his inability to sleep well this spring, according to T.R. Sullivan on Twitter.

Kind of a weird bit of news, but it is spring, and Prince probably isn't going to be thrown off missing a few days.  He's a big guy, and sleep apnea and the like tend to crop up with bigger fellas, so if there's an issue, best to investigate it now and determine if something needs to be done.

I'm starting to wonder what is up with sleeping issues in Surprise...there's Prince not being able to sleep, back issues with Shawn Tolleson and Jeremy Guthrie, and a couple of years ago a rash of guys having neck or back issues because of sleeping weird or having a bad mattress or whatever.  Clearly, we need to send someone out to Arizona to investigate...