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Texas Rangers rumors: Adrian Beltre seeking three year extension

Jon Heyman says that Adrian Beltre is seeking a three year contract extension

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  Adrian Beltre is looking for a three year extension from the Texas Rangers, according to Jon Heyman on Twitter.  There's been talk all offseason about the Rangers and Beltre having mutual interest in an extension, and I've suggested that two years, $40M might make sense -- Heyman, however, says that Beltre doesn't want less than the $19M per year Pablo Sandoval is getting, and the Rangers "aren't there."

Heyman is generally known for being connected with Beltre's agent, Scott Boras, so I think its not unreasonable to believe that Boras is the source of that info.  And its not unreasonable to think that Beltre would be looking for a three year deal, as he probably figures that would take him through what would probably be the end of his career.

My gut instinct is that the Rangers and Beltre will work something out, and we'll learn before Opening Day that Beltre has inked an extension that will allow him to finish his career in Texas.  I hope so, anyway...