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Friday Morning Links


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone who has won the 2016 Ranger fifth starter job, step forward. Not so fast, AJ Griffin.

This Matt Bush guy might pitch for the Rangers in 2016, days Doug Mittler.

Oh, Robinson Chirinos... NEVER call the ex.

Ranger fans have 99 problems but complaints about payroll ain't one.

Jeff Banister is a fan of sabermetrics... As long as you remember the most important variable in any stat calculation is heart.

Evan Grant looks at Trevor Bauer as a candidate to fit the role of "fifth starter not named AJ Griffin."

ESPN's Joe Peta predicts a last place finish for the Rangers this season.

Cole Hamels on what the Rangers need on Opening Day: the magic of zombie Blalock's superfluous rib.

Define optimism.

Bryan Holaday likes the fact that he's playing near home.