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3-4 - Rangers lose but Nomar Mazara amazes in debut

Nomar Mazara debuted and went 3-4 with his first big league home run...oh, and the Rangers lost

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Nomar Mazara has to be wondering what the hubbub is all about regarding the Major Leagues because he debuted today and went 3-4 and hit first big league home run. Unfortunately for him, he'll have to remember that his debut happened in Anaheim and his teammates recorded just three hits themselves off human JUGS machine Jered Weaver -- and four total -- in the loss.

Let us remember the good times. After Jurickson Profar homered in his first at-bat back in 2012 and Joey Gallo launched on into the upper deck in his debut last year, the hype was palpable for Mazara's surprise early-season debut. But Shin-Soo Choo's replacement didn't disappoint. In fact, he seemed like the only guy out there who knew what he was doing against Weaver.

The Rangers had the chance today to take this four game series from the Angels but will have to settle for a road series split which I suppose isn't the worst thing in the world.

Player of the Game: Mazara became the youngest player ever to debut with at least three hits and a home run. The rest of the team should be ashamed of themselves.

Up next: The Rangers travel to Seattle for their first series against the Mariners at Safeco in 2016. Texas gets its second look at Hisashi Iwakuma in the opener as Colby Lewis makes his first road start of the year.