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Atlanta Braves player Hector Olivera arrested

Atlanta Braves left fielder Hector Olivera has been arrested for what is being described as a "domestic dispute"

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Olivera, Atlanta Braves left fielder, was arrested this morning for what is being described as a "domestic dispute," according to Jeff Goldberg on Twitter.

The victim reportedly called 911 early this morning from the Ritz Carlton, reporting she had been assaulted, and was taken to the hospital, with Olivera being arrested.  The episode took place in Arlington, Virginia, where the Braves are staying for their series with the Washington Nationals.

This presents a challenge for MLB, which will be dealing with their first in-season episode of alleged domestic abuse since the new domestic abuse policy was implemented.  Yasiel Puig, Aroldis Chapman and Jose Reyes were all investigated this past offseason, with Puig cleared, Chapman agreeing to a 30 day suspension, and Reyes' case in limbo pending the resolution of his criminal case.

It took a while for Puig's and Chapman's situations to be resolved, but it was the offseason, and so there was less time pressure.  With Olivera, we will see how quickly MLB takes action.  My assumption is that Olivera will be suspended for the time being.