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Thursday Morning Links


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant critically examines yesterday's game and comes up with an explanation for the loss: they're lollygaggers.

Why won't it take Yu Darvish a full 30 days of rehab assignment to make it back to the rotation?  Because he's an unstoppable pitching battlemech.

Evan also has his takeaways from the game, including Robinson Cano doing Canoings and just generally bad baseball.

Who's ready for 2-3 days of Josh Hamilton and then another DL stint?

If you purchase tickets in Section 9 for a Cole Hamels start you will get a pretty cool t-shirt.  Unfortunately, Cole Hamels' expression on the shirt resembles the one on Mike Meyers' face when Kanye West said George Bush doesn't like black people.

No, Jake Diekman, it wasn't your fault at all.  It was Rougned Odor's and Ian Desmond's fault.

Phil Klein is staying stretched out down in Round Rock.

Jeff Banister always looks at the bright side, noting that despite the tough loss the team still had a winning road trip.