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Interviews, chats, and other links for your reading pleasure

Check out a Dillon Tate interview, a Delino DeShields interview, chats, and other neat stuff we've linked

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few days, there have been a compendium of interesting interviews, chat sessions, and the like that have had to do with the Rangers, or touched on the Rangers, or, in a couple of instances, don't involve the Rangers but are kind of interesting.

Rather than do individual 75 word posts on each item, I figure it makes more sense to put it all out here, as a special bonus afternoon links edition of your LSB morning links.

Mark Parker has a write-up on last year's first rounder, Dillon Tate, together with excerpts from the interview he did with Tate.

David Laurila has a Q&A with Delino DeShields over at Fangraphs.

Ben Badler's chat at Baseball America has a lot of interesting things in it, including, leading off, a question on Nomar Mazara, as well as a lengthy answer to an Andy Ibanez question.

Keith Law's chat yesterday has a variety of good stuff, including fielding a question on Nomar Mazara.

Chris Cwik has a good piece at Yahoo! about Nomar Mazara.

Jeff Passan says that the BoSox are so tired of Pablo Sandoval, when he said his shoulder hurt, they d.l.'d him without even doing an MRI.