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7-6 - Role Reversal: Big 7th inning helps Rangers overtake Orioles

Lengthy rallies > solo home runs

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Tonight's game is proof that home runs are overrated and RBI infield singles are where it's at. Colby Lewis allowed three home runs as Colby Lewis is prone to do. The three home runs, one apiece by Manny Machado, Adam Jones, and Chris Davis, were all solo home runs however.

The solo home run is Colby Lewis' speciality when refusing to give in with his sub-average fastball, and despite the fact that he allowed four runs over all, and ended the Rangers' franchise record for consecutive games with the starter allowing three or fewer runs, Colby kept the Rangers in it while they figured out the eminently hittable Yovani Gallardo.

After Adrian Beltre drove in the Rangers first two runs with a sac fly and RBI ground out, the offense looked like they were moments away from burying Gallardo when they finally broke through in the 7th inning for six runs.

None of the runs were scored via the home run. Home runs: Orioles 3, Rangers 0. Runs scored: Rangers 8, Orioles 4. Wins in this series: Rangers 2, Orioles 1.

Player of the Game: One of the more interesting things about Nomar Mazara from when he signed a record breaking deal out of the Dominican Republic as a 16 year old to now is his evolution as a prospect. The book on Mazara then was he had unreal and untapped power. He was getting rave reviews from scouts about the potential future power in his bat while the knock on him was his ability to hit actual live pitching.

However, while he's still probably going to hit 25-30 home runs some day, over the last year and a half of blossoming in the minors, Mazara has transformed himself into a much more competent and selective hitter. We've seen it already. There have been games where Mazara has been the only guy in the lineup who has looked comfortable against that night's starting pitcher.

Tonight, Mazara worked Gallardo over and battled for two singles before bringing in the Rangers' third run in the 7th with an infield hit to earn a 3 for 4 night with an RBI and an 8th inning walk. Nomaza isn't the 80 grade power swing and miss kid that scouts thought he might be in 2011, he's a hitter.

Up Next: The Rangers and Orioles play the finale of this weekend's four-game set with Derek Holland taking the mound for Texas against RHP Mike Wright of Baltimore. First pitch is scheduled for 2:05 pm CT.