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Rafael Palmeiro and his post-suspension struggles

Fox Sports has a really good story on Rafael Palmeiro, and his personal struggles since being suspended for PEDs

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Rafael Palmeiro is, of course, a former Texas Ranger, a guy who spent a long time with the club in two different stints, and someone who was something of a fan favorite while he was here.  He is also a member of the 3000 hit club and the 500 home run club, and normally is a player you'd expect to end up in the Hall of Fame.

Except, of course, Palmeiro tested positive for steroids late in his career, soon after his famous finger-wagging in his Congressional testimony where he was adamant he didn't use.  He's been largely a pariah since then, and Fox Sports has a really good, in-depth story on Palmeiro and how, after his playing career was over, he struggled with depression and with dealing with having the scarlet "S" for steroids overlaying everything he did in the game.

As crazy or naive or dumb as this may seem, I'm kind of inclined to believe Palmeiro when he says he didn't (knowingly, anyway) use.  And if, in fact, he didn't, you have to feel badly for what he's experienced since he was suspended.