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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers win

Rangers 2, Astros 1

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 2, Astros 1

  • That game wore me out just watching it.
  • Or maybe I'm not sleeping enough.  One or the other.
  • Really, though, that was a very draining game for mid-April.  Cole Hamels didn't have his best stuff, hitting the first two batters of the game, then getting out of the inning with a K and a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play.  That didn't keep Hamels from returning to his shaky ways in the second, when three straight singles loaded the bases.  It took dumb base running from the Astros, with their runners at first and second trying to tag up and advance while the runner at third stayed put, resulting in a double play, to help get Hamels out of the inning.
  • Hamels was less than sharp all game, but avoided damage, other than via a Tyler White solo home run,  He made it through 6.2 IP before being lifted with two on and two outs in the 7th for Sam Dyson, who needed two pitches to escape the inning.
  • Because nothing can be easy, Dyson started the 8th, allowed a hit, and then got lifted with one out for Jake Diekman, who got two backwards K's to end the inning.  Shawn Tolleson, of course, pitched the ninth, allied a base runner, but escaped.
  • The Rangers bats, meanwhile, mirrored the Astros bats, squandering opportunity after opportunity.  The only runs came on a Rougned Odor two run homer, so yay Rougie.  But it is still vexing to see so many opportunities go by the wayside.
  • This is one of those games where, if Texas barely edges out Houston for the division, we can point to and say, this game made the difference, since really, it was winnable for either team.  And if the Rangers don't make the playoffs, we will ignore it, and complain about winnable games being lost.
  • Prince Fielder got on base tonight when a high pop fly simply popped out of White's glove.  It was really weird.
  • A.J, Griffin versus Dallas Keuchel tomorrow, so winning today and clinching the series was a good thing.
  • Oh, and Texas is still in first place.  Yay!