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Friday Morning Links

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gerry Fraley notes that, despite being the fashionable pick to win the AL West this year, the Astros are now tied for Minnesota for the worst record in the league.

Evan Grant has five things we've learned from the Rangers' sweep of the Astros.

Do you hear the footsteps?  I hear the footsteps.

Prince Fielder was, indeed, named after the singer.

Gerry Fraley recaps last night's win, noting that you should call your bookie and put money on a 101 win season.

Keone Kela will be out for three months for bone spur surgery because we don't have enough bullpen problems.

Evan Grant has some notes, including a Shin Soo Choo update and the obligatory Ranger message of solidarity with the Mavs and Stars.  Here's a pic!

Jake Arrieta threw another no hitter.

Hey, Dallas Keuchel, this is what the Rangers thing of your Cy Young.

AJ Griffin, Astro slayer.

Ian Desmond went yard for the first time this season last night.

And Keone Kela looks forward to hanging with Josh Hamilton on the DL for three months.