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GoFundMe for Rangers minor leaguer Eduard Pinto

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Ranger minor leaguer Eduard Pinto pay medical bills for his infant son, who passed away Sunday

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

21 year old minor league outfielder Eduardo Pinto had to leave Hickory this month in order to go home to Venezuela because his wife, Maria, who was due to give birth in July, went into labor prematurely.  Their son, Gael, was born this past Wednesday with serious health problems, and he passed away yesterday.

Supporters of the Hickory Crawdads organization have set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds to cover the medical bills Pinto has incurred, as well as travel expenses to return to Venezuela.  As we've talked about here before, the salaries minor leaguers receive is very low -- players in low-A generally make less than $1500 per month, and that only during the season -- and if you can spare a few dollars, I'd encourage you to click here and donate.

If the folks who read this donate just a couple of dollars apiece, that could make a big difference to Eduard and his family.