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Video: Joey Gallo home runs

Joey Gallo hit two home runs last night for Round Rock, and you can see them both here

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Joey Gallo home runs.  Texas Rangers minor league third baseman Joey Gallo continues to mash at Round Rock, as you know if you checked out the links this morning.  He had a pair of home runs yesterday for the Express, giving him seven on the season.

Here's his first home run:

And here's his second, a 12th inning game winner:

Gallo is now hitting .283/.421/.717 in 76 plate appearances, and perhaps most encouraging, he has just 18 Ks (and 15 walks) in 76 plate appearances, a 23.7% K rate that is very acceptable.

If he keeps this up, the Rangers may have to figure out a way to get him playing time in the majors at some point this summer...