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Texas Rangers Rumors: Adrian Beltre waiting on proposal from Rangers on contract extension

Via Evan Grant, Adrian Beltre says he's still waiting for an offer from Texas on an extension

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  Adrian Beltre's contract extension has been a topic of discussion this spring, but via Evan Grant, we learn that Beltre says he is waiting on the Rangers to make a proposal.  Evan quotes Beltre as saying they had expected to get something from the team by now, but no offer has been made.

Both sides have indicated a desire to get something done, and indications earlier this spring were that Beltre wanted an annual salary at least equal to the $19M per year the now-benched Pablo Sandoval got as a free agent prior to 2015, and speculation is he's looking for a three year deal.

Jon Daniels said yesterday he expected to talk to Scott Boras today, but I'm not sure why no offer would have been made (Beltre indicated they expected one a couple of weeks ago), unless the sides are so far apart that Daniels felt making an offer wouldn't be fruitful.

Beltre is in the final year of a six year, $96M deal.  The future Hall of Famer would no doubt draw interest from multiple teams should he hit the market, with the Angels and Astros both seemingly being likely candidates.  The question will be how many teams would be willing to commit multiple years for Beltre's age 38+ seasons, and how much per year they'll be willing to pay.  I said over the offseason two years, $40M made sense, even with Joey Gallo being close to ready.  My guess is that that third year -- when Beltre would be 40 -- is a sticking point.