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Thoughts on a 7-2 Rangers win

Rangers 7, Angels 2

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 7, Angels 2

  • Man, I don't have any analysis or anything from tonight.  The Rangers just kicked ass.  They jumped up on the Angels early, had a huge inning, then shifted it into cruise control the rest of the way.
  • Derek Holland pitched well, Two relievers pitched well.  Every starter got a hit.  Nomar Mazara brought another home run back.  Phil Klein is the one guy who struggled, but even then, it was the 9th inning of a blow out, and he got out of the inning anyway.  Basically, everyone pretty much did well today, and should feel good.
  • So I don't have anything profound to say here, except that was a fun game, and I enjoyed it.  I want more games like that.
  • Texas has now won four games in a row, is at 14-10 on the year, and goes for the sweep tomorrow.
  • And it is still the first place Texas Rangers.
  • Holla.