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Opening Day Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. It's here! It's here!

Levi Weaver waxes poetic about the best day of the year.

Gil LeBreton writes that Opening Day remains special, but uncomplicated, despite ding dongs like this:

Speaking of which...

Forget anyone who earnestly cares about NFL football for a moment because COLE HAMELS IS STARTING OPENING DAY FOR THE TEXAS RANGERS HEART EYE EMOJIS!!

The AP gets in on some Opening Day love for the Texas Rangers as they open the season today with a banner to raise.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers ought to try to avoid the 7-14 record in April they suffered last season. That'd be good.

Anthony Andro writes that Adrian Beltre is still waiting for a new contract with the Rangers but he doesn't want it to be a distraction for the team.

Tony Barnette's MLB debut ranks as one of Andrew Simon's best stories for Opening Day.

Finally, here's a live cam look of Opening Day from centerfield at The Ballpark:

Have a great Opening Day!