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Wednesday Morning Links

Links! and Links! and Links!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are talking about extending Adrian Beltre, but apparently they aren't talking about it with Adrian Beltre.

Trust me, Tom Wilhelmsen... I wrote-in "violence" on every multiple choice question from grades two through six and apparently it's never the answer.

If you're wondering what Doug Brocail is saying during mound visits this season, it will almost invariably be meditations on the fleeting nature of our existence.  "Sic transit gloria, Derek Holland."  "Whatever years be behind us, Tolleson, are in death's hands."  Fatalist musings are the new market inefficiency.

Evan Grant has some takeaways from last night's debacle.

Like dreams and photographs, I don't want to hear about your fantasy league unless I'm in them or there's sex involved, Tim Cowlishaw.

Sam Freeman has been traded for cash.

Yu Darvish is coming.  Can you hear the footsteps?  I can hear the footsteps.

Lewis Brinson is a Heat fan.

Martin Perez got the second start of the season because Colby Lewis is allergic to the Angels.

There needs to be a Netflix original series about Class A High Desert.

Greg Johns and Dave Sessions have a recap of last night's Wilhelmsening.

Tony Barnette's MLB debut went less than swimmingly.

Jeff Banister is not going to tell you the sick "your momma" burn he laid on Servais last night.

The Rangers have a deep bullpen to start the season.

And Colby Lewis goes tonight after the Rangers strategically depleted all of the Mariners mana last night.