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Texas Rangers lineup much different for Game Three

Jeff Banister is using Game Three of the season to get all his bench guys a start

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have their lineup up for Game Three, a getaway day game to finish their opening series against the Mariners, and we have wholesale changes, as Jeff Banister works to get all his bench guys a start.

The lineup:

Shin-Soo Choo -- RF

Ian Desmond -- CF

Prince Fielder -- DH

Adrian Beltre -- 3B

Rougned Odor -- 2B

Ryan Rua -- 1B

Justin Ruggiano -- LF

Bryan Holaday -- C

Hanser Alberto -- SS

Colby Lewis will be on the mound for the Rangers.

The M's lineup:

Leonys -- CF

Seager -- 3B

Cano -- 2B

Cruz -- RF

Lind -- 1B

Smith -- DH

Sardinas -- LF

Clevenger -- C

Marte -- SS

Wade Miley is pitching for the Mariners.