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San Antonio mayor announces AAA baseball for 2019

San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor says the Elmore Group has committed to AAA baseball being in San Antonio in 2019

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor has announced that the Elmore Group, which owns the AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox and the AA San Antonio Missions, has committed to there being AAA baseball in San Antonio in a new stadium in 2019, per Josh Baugh of the San Antonio Express-News.

So, why should you, as a Rangers fan, care?  Well, the Rangers are currently affiliated with the Round Rock Express as their AAA team.  The Express are owned by Nolan Ryan, who, you may recall, left the Rangers' ownership group under less than ideal terms, and is now part of the Houston Astros front office.

The Express are widely expected to become an Astros affiliate once their development deal with the Rangers ends at the end of the 2018 season, which would leave the Rangers without a AAA affiliate.  But if the Sky Sox move to San Antonio and put a AAA team there, the Rangers suddenly have an opportunity to affiliate with a team, and city, which would be a natural partner, while keeping a footprint in that region.

So, in three years, it sounds like the Rangers' AAA guys will be looking for apartments in S.A., rather than in Round Rock.