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Thoughts on a 13-11 Rangers win

Rangers 13, ChiSox 11

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rangers 13, ChiSox 11

  • Ebby Calvin LaLoosh said, at the end of Bull Durham, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains."  Today, it felt like we experienced all three.
  • Kudos to Alex Claudio, who allowed three Anthony Ranaudo runners to score when he first came into the game, but then threw 4+ innings of relief, allowing s single run, to keep things close enough for the Rangers to come back.  He may be sent down tomorrow to get a fresh arm, but he did a great job tonight.
  • Kudos as well to Bryan Holaday, who had three hits, including a three run home run to tie the game up at five, and to Ian Desmond, who had a pair of huge hits -- a 7th inning solo home run to get the Rangers to 6, and then a triple in the 8th to bring Texas within one.
  • There were some other big moments, including a key pinch hit walk by Nomar Mazara in the 8th, as well as Prince Fielder working a walk to set up the winning run, but the guy you have to be most excited for is Ryan Rua.  Former 17th round pick, fought his way to a starting job last year, lost it a week into the season with a broken ankle, has basically a lost year...and then he makes the team this spring, and today, has three hits, including the game winning three run homer in the 8th.
  • Man, that was one of the crazier games I've seen.  And it makes enjoying the crazy games much easier when they are wins.