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Wednesday Morning Links


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The White Sox relievers had been 5-0 with a sub 2 ERA prior to getting Rua'd last night.

Maintaining his cred as a nonthreatening white guy, Mitch Moreland attributes last night's win to "grinding it out."

Alex Claudio... he's the man of the hour.  And will probably be sent down today, so there's that.

You know you're big time when you have enormous novelty checks.

Tonight's game will see Cole Hamels try to extend his string of consecutive winning decisions and Mat Latos try to find his missing "t."

If the Rangers set the world on fire in 2016 you can look back on this game and reflect on some sort of larger meaning, according to Gerry Fraley.

Evan Grant has three takeaways from last night's win.

Prince Fielder got dropped to fifth in last night's game due to general suckage.

Tony Barnette is "colorful."

Bobby Wilson has had a strange season thus far.

Evan Grant has pinpointed the source of Prince Fielder's problems: he's swinging at stuff out of the zone.