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Holaday behind the plate for Cesar Ramos today

The Rangers are going with the same lineup from the past couple of days, except with Bryan Holaday behind the plate

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have their lineup up for today's game, and it is the same as the first two games of the series, except with Bryan Holaday behind the plate instead of Bobby Wilson.

(And before you start complaining about Wilson sitting after hitting a grand slam, its a day game after a night game.  Of course he's going to sit.)

The lineup:

Odor -- 2B

Desmond -- CF

Mazara -- RF

Beltre -- 3B

Prince -- DH

Moreland -- 1B

Elvis -- SS

Rua -- LF

Holaday -- C

Cesar Ramos is on the mound for Texas, facing off against Aaron Sanchez.