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Video: Texas Rangers/Toronto Blue Jays brawl's video of the Rangers/Blue Jays brawl is 8+ minutes of amazingness

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Video:  Texas Rangers/Toronto Blue Jays brawl.  Toronto's Jose Bautista, who had been hit by a pitch to start the eighth inning of today's Rangers/Blue Jays game, had a hard, dirty slide into Texas second baseman Rougned Odor on a potential double play ball.  Odor took exception, punches were thrown, and the result was one of the most epic baseball fights in recent memory.

A few observations:

Kevin Pillar comes in late, but he's swinging and looks like a crazy person.

Adrian Beltre has quite the hold on Jose Bautista

Right before the 1 minute mark, you see Sam Dyson with what looks like a fresh cut on his cheek, so I'm assuming he was involved in fisticuffs

Around the 1:40 mark, it looks like Jeff Banister is getting ready to throw down with someone

At about the 2:35 mark, it looks like Bautista is checking for loose teeth.

At about the 3:15 mark, you can see Banister yelling at John Gibbons, who had already been ejected but apparently came out of the clubhouse to join the drama.

There's a dull part at the 4-5 minute as the umpires huddle, but then they got back to showing a replay of the slide.

At the 6:05 mark, TAG and Busby see the hit for the first time, and TAG is impressed.

At around 6:55, Banister approaches and grabs Gibbons, which is entertaining.

Anyway, check it out below....