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Prince, Moreland sit against Manaea

The Rangers are resting a couple of lefties against Sean Manaea tonight

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers open up their series in Oakland against lefty Sean Manaea, and Jeff Banister is sitting lefty hitting Prince Fielder and Mitch Moreland.  I kind of wonder if he had been planning on giving Rougned Odor the day off, but started him instead, figuring Rougie will be getting plenty of time off shortly.

The lineup:

Odor -- 2B

Elvis -- SS

Mazara -- RF

Beltre -- DH

Desmond -- CF

Rua -- 1B

Stubbs -- LF

Wilson -- C

Alberto -- 3B

Interesting that Stubbs is in left, with Desmond in center.

Derek Holland pitches for Texas.