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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the defending AL West Champion Texas Rangers

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Honestly, you could kind of see last night's game coming. The Rangers were due for a letdown after engaging in emotional warfare (and literal warfare) on Sunday and then having to fly out to the west coast.

The more troubling news is the A's seem to have found their next young pitcher with a very good changeup, otherwise known as Texas Rangers kryptonite.

Levi Weaver recaps the Rangers' 3-1 loss to Oakland last night. If the Rangers and A's play a baseball game and no one is there to watch it, should it count in the standings?

Jeff Wilson writes that Derek Holland was much better after his miserable start to May but the Rangers couldn't muster up any support for him against Oakland's Sean Manaea.

T.R. Sullivan's game story covers Holland's one hiccup inning in the 4th where he couldn't put the A's away before they scored twice.

But enough about that game. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Chris Cwik writes that it turns out, no, Rougned Odor isn't all that torn up about hitting baseball's version of an '80s high school comedy movie bully in the mouth.

Sullivan writes that though Odor isn't sorry, he says he respects Bautista for playing hard which is a thing the person who won the fight gets to get away with saying.

Kevin Sherrington weighs in on The Brawl at The Ballpark by saying the Blue Jays picked the wrong guy to mess with.

Peter Ellwood dutifully pored over the tape frame-by-frame just to dissect the madness and/or get a screenshot of Josh Donaldson launching himself face first at Rougie's fist like a big ol' dingus.

Jayson Stark gets down to the dirty work of trying to figure out how long the participants of the brawl will be suspended.

Jared Sandler gives his thoughts on the brawl from the vantage point he had in the broadcast booth.

Wilson sets out to determine if the perception of Odor is one of a dirty player or a hard-nosed li'l scamp.

Evan Grant writes about Doug Brocail returning to Oakland on his birthday last night which happens to also be the scene of the chair-in-the-stands incident he was involved in over a decade ago.

Kate Morrison has an interesting offensive comp for Nomar Mazara as the rookie continues to impress after his first month in the big leagues.

Lastly, Jeff Sullivan writes that Ian Desmond has been a success for the Rangers so far this season.

Have a great day.