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Atlanta Braves fire manager Fredi Gonzalez

The Atlanta Braves have fired their manager, Fredi Gonzalez, per multiple reports

I'd rather have a photo of Juan Gonzalez up than Fredi Gonzalez on LSB
I'd rather have a photo of Juan Gonzalez up than Fredi Gonzalez on LSB
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have fired manager Fredi Gonzalez, according to multiple reports.

This is one of those moves that has felt inevitable...the Braves are 9-28, and although they weren't expected to compete this season, there have still been ominous rumblings about the front office being unhappy with how the team is playing.  Of course, Atlanta has gone into full-blown teardown mode, much like the Astros a few years ago, and are currently running out a lineup that includes A.J. Pierzynski, Kelly Johnson, and Jeff Francoeur, all of whom belong on the "That Guy's Still In The League?" All-Stars, as well as Erick Aybar, who is putting up an impressive .181/.209/.213 line in 137 plate appearances.

Gonzlaez still has a winning record with the Braves overall, at 434-413, despite last year's 67-95 record and this year's disaster.  He won 89, 94 and 96 games with Atlanta in 2012, 2013 and 2014, but the team is doing poorly now, and so Gonzalez is getting the axe.

On a separate note, I like posting pictures of Juan Gonzalez on posts that don't have to do with Juan Gonzalez.