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Jurickson Profar playing 2B for Round Rock today

For the first time this season, Jurickson Profar is playing second base in this afternoon's Round Rock game

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jurickson Profar is playing second base this afternoon for the Round Rock Express -- the first time he's played a position in the field for Round Rock other than shortstop this season.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons.  First of all, and most immediately, Rougned Odor is expected to be suspended for multiple games due to his shenanigans in the brawl between the Rangers and Blue Jays on Sunday.  Odor will no doubt appeal, but once that is resolved, he's probably going to miss at least a week's worth of games.  Profar getting some time at second base could be a precursor to Profar getting called up to the majors to fill in at second while Odor is out.

The other aspect that makes this interesting is that there continue to be concerns about Profar's arm strength post-surgery, and whether he can stick at shortstop, or if he will have to move to second base.  Tepid tweeted about this issue earlier today, with the upshot being, if Profar is going to have to move from shortstop to second base long-term, it greatly diminishes the chances of him sticking in the Rangers' organization, given Rougned Odor's presence ahead of him.

So this is likely a way to get Profar acclimated to second base in advance of a potential callup, but could also be a precursor to a more permanent move to second base, should the Rangers be looking to showcase him to a potential trade partner at the position where he may end up.  If the Rangers continue to stay in the playoff hunt this summer -- they are tied for first in the A.L. West, and are two games up on Cleveland for the second Wild Card spot -- Profar could be a potential significant trade chip for a selling team looking for a second baseman.