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Wednesday Morning Links


Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

It was worth it.

Tom Grieve has some cogent thoughts on the brawl and retaliation, because Tom Grieve is everyone's sensible baseball grandpa.

A clown in a janitor outfit just picked up a broom, Shawn Tolleson.

Nothing goes with punching a guy in the face like good ol' alcohol.  It's facepunch fuel!

Evan Grant has some takeaways from last night's sacktap.

Martin Perez is a very understanding young man.

Kevin Sherrington observes that the crafty Rougned Odor managed to engineer the brawl and his suspension to coincide with a relatively low stakes portion of the season.

It appears Jurickson Profar will be filling in for Rougned Odor.

Are you worried about Derek Holland's declining strikeout rate?  Derek Holland isn't!

Can you feel the footsteps?  I can feel the footsteps.

Thanks for the crotch kick, Shawn Tolleson.

Understatement: The Article.

Elvis Andrus will serve a one game suspension for "acting aggressively," the baseball equivalent of that time Adam got pepper sprayed for drunkenly taking off his shoes to prepare for a bar fight.

The formidable pitching battlemech approaches... Yu Darvish is just a few short days from giving you that funny feeling in your pants.  Oh, and Shin Soo Choo is just a few short days from doing whatever the Shin Soo Choos of the world do.

Darvish's rehab start was "strong" to "quite strong."