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Shawn Tolleson is not the Rangers closer

Shawn Tolleson says he has been told he will no longer be the Rangers closer

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Shawn Tolleson is no longer the Rangers closer, having been told today that he is being moved out of that role.  Via Jared Sandler, Jeff Banister says the are going to "wrap our arms around Tolly and figure out what's going on."

This move appeared likely after last night's loss, when Tolleson had his second blown save in as many opportunities.  It wasn't just the fact that Tolleson blew two saves in a row as how he did it -- if he had blown a couple of one run leads via bloop singles, bad hops, or a bad break, that would be one thing.  But on Saturday, he turned a 5-2 lead into a 5-5 tie via a double to Jose Bautista followed by back-to-back home runs by Justin Smoak and Troy Tulowitzki, before getting pulled with two outs in the inning after issuing a walk to Russell Martin.  In yesterday's game, of course, he gave up a two out grand slam to Khris Davis, neutralizing a comeback that had given the Rangers a one run lead.

I said after Saturday's loss that I didn't think he would (or should) lose the closer's job because of one bad outing, but given two meltdowns in a row, plus the fact he's just not seemed as sharp this year as he was last year, you figured this was coming today.  I'm guessing that they will go with the "no roles" bullpen for the time being, but if Matt Bush continues to pitch like he has so far, my guess is he will end up in the closing role by the All Star Break.