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Thursday Morning Links


Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, the DMN has gone behind a paywall.  I'm told that you get 10 free stories a month.  I don't generally link stuff behind a paywall... I can look at the headline and post the link but what's the point?  If you open the DMN in an incognito tab you can get a fresh 10 stories, but given what we're doing here that seems like a lot more steps than most would want to take to read content.  This is disappointing because since Richard Durrett's untimely passing, the DMN has had the most prolific content among local outlets.  In today's media world someone's got to pay the light bill and keep Gerry Fraley in hundies and fitties for the strip club, I guess.

So what say you?  I can continue providing links to DMN's content if you guys want, or I can start going further afield for the morning links.

Thanks for the sacktaps, Tolleson!

The A's swept us, showing once again that an opposing team having a crappy closer is the new market inefficiency.

Martin Perez discussed last night's loss and and surprisingly doesn't point out that his losses are generally the result of his lousy teammates.

Perez says that he's going to deliver consistency going forward.