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Texas Rangers rumors: New stadium in Arlington to be announced, per Evan Grant

Evan Grant writes that the City of Arlington and Texas Rangers are close to announcing a new retractable roof stadium

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  The City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers are close to announcing a new retractable roof stadium to be built for the Texas Rangers, according to Evan Grant, with the stadium apparently being planned to open prior to the expiration of the Rangers' current lease at the end of 2023.

This is potentially huge news...since the announcement back in December of the Texas Live! development, which the Rangers and the City of Arlington are investing in, there's been speculation that this was part of an effort by the City of Arlington to ensure that the Rangers stayed in Arlington when the lease on Globe Life Park is up.  If Evan is correct, not only will the Rangers be staying in Arlington (assuming that any bond issues or sales tax increases needed to be voted on pass), but they will be moving into a new stadium in, potentially, just five or six years.

While Globe Life Park is a nice stadium, the lack of a retractable roof makes for some uncomfortable games for fans during the summer months, and the assumption has been that, whenever a new stadium came online, it would have a retractable roof.  This would definitely seem to make a difference in fan comfort, and in attendance.