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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers win

Rangers 2, Astros 1

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Rangers 2, Astros 1

  • The Rangers are moving into a new stadium in 2021, and I'm not sure that Colby Lewis won't still be pitching for Texas then.
  • Colby was the story of the night, going 7 shutout innings, allowing four hits, walking no one and striking out six.  He probably would have gone more than seven innings, except he was HIT IN THE FREAKING HEAD WITH A LINE DRIVE IN THE SEVENTH INNING BUT DIDNT LEAVE THE GAME UNTIL THE INNING WAS OVER.
  • Seriously...Carlos Correa led off the seventh inning with a line drive that hit Colby in the head, popped high in the sky and then was caught by Rougned Odor.  And Colby just sort of shook it off and finished the inning.  The Legend of Colby grows.
  • Colby was never in trouble, allowing just one runner past first base, and even doing that thing where he bats a bunted ball to the first baseman with his glove to record an out.
  • Colby now has a 2.75 ERA on the season.
  • Jake Diekman pitched a scoreless eighth, and Sam Dyson picked up the save, though Dyson allowed a run and was facing Evan Gattis as the winning run because apparently the pen is worried we will relax if things get too easy.
  • The bats didn't really do anything.  The two runs scored via a Prince Fielder double, which scored Shin-Soo Choo from second and Ian Desmond (who ran through a stop sign) from first.  Choo, who came off the d.l. today, had his hamstring tighten on that play, and left the game, because apparently Choo did something to anger the leg muscle gods.